COPPER No. 1 | Self Portraiture

COPPER Magazine is a carefully curated sensory exhibition which uncovers and celebrates the electric, meaningful, and innovative storytelling from  artists of color who work within all artistic mediums.  The artists we showcase create a counter-narrative through works driven by culture, religion, political views, and identity, building a community of artistic minds capable and willing to challenge homogenized art.  


Our Inaugural Issue, Self Portraiture, features the work of 39 artists from 17 countries. Each image has been carefully selected by our team to create a new kind of exhibition in magazine format. Inside you find beautiful images and 5 conversations between team members and COPPER artist’s. The Limited Edition, Gold Emblem, Self Portraiture Issue of COPPER Magazine features a beautiful roman numeral one on the back cover of the magazine. 


Aghogho Otega In Conversation with Adrian White

Darius Churchman In Conversation with Amanda Johnson 

Salma Olama In Conversation with Steven Baboun 

Paulina Kim Joo In Conversation with Miguel Gonzalez 

William Camargo In Conversation with Tere Garcia 


130 pages, full color, square back. 


Printed in Connecticut 


Completely Recyclable!

COPPER No. 1 | Self Portraiture

  • Thank you for supporting our magazine. COPPER is everything we’ve imagined and can’t wait to move forward and bring new exciting ideas to our viewers. We stand by the magazine, however, If you’re not satisfied with you COPPER purchase, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a replacement, however, no refunds will be issued.  Our Care Guidelines don’t cover ordinary wear and tear of the magazine. 

  • At COPPER Magazine, we are working hard to make sure that we are building a sustainable publication. We print our magazines on uncoated papers that are recycle friendly. Handle the with care as they stain. We all enjoy a cup of coffee or tea just be careful wear you place it. Enjoy the magazine!