PROTEST 2020 | Open Call


When is the last time the police killing of an African-American man caused tens of thousands of protesters to march for justice in all 50 states in America or in Berlin, London, and Paris, in defiance of police emergency health orders? When is the last time young people from Middle Eastern countries held rallies under Black Lives Matter signs and banners?

COPPER Magazine’s second publication, Protest 2020, acts as an archive for the current protests for racial equality and an end to systematic oppression. We recognize the importance of remembering not only this moment but also the history that has led us here. The liberation of Black bodies means the liberation of all oppressed communities. We need to continue this conversation not only for the Black people and people of color currently subjected to the harsh realities of racism and toxicity but for those before us and the ones we hope will not have to endure the same injustice. This country, America, is again being forced to confront its history of brutal inequality when it comes to the policing of African Americans. There is a necessity for international solidarity between movements. Protest 2020 is the witness to and for change, a movement that must be sustained and the importance of protests. For as long as protests are focused on advancing lasting social change and protestors remain vigilant of those who would hijack a just movement, progress will happen. This time lasting change must come.